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6 Best Foot Massagers for Your Feet

You are back from that wonderful weekend trek, but one thing that’s holding you from enjoying those moments is those aching hands and feet. A sudden plan of a trek might sound fun but the aftermath is an aching body, especially if you’re one of those who workout less. But this shouldn’t stop you from having fun, should it? A quick and easy remedy for those aches is a good and soothing massage.

Best Foot Massagers Top Foot Massagers Foot Massagers Reviews Foot Massagers Buying GuideMassaging is an ancient therapy for a stressed and tired body. It is applied all over the body or in particular areas like head, neck, hands, feet etc. It was earlier considered as an alternative medicine but today more and more people are making use of it as a beauty and relaxing routine.

Regular massages are beneficial to the health. It is suggested for people with ailments, pregnant woman, kids and sports athletes. Though an authentic massage under the guidance of a professional is always better, the time-consuming and expensive method is a drawback for those who can’t sustain it regularly. Healthy individuals who wish to have a massage as a stress and pain reliever can do it at home itself. There are plenty of brands that provide authentic and safe massages at home. Our feet are those which take the burden of the day’s activity. The stress felt on our feet requires constant care and relaxation to carry on.

Types of Foot Massage

It is always important to know the type of massage that you plan to undergo. Since our focus is on foot, I’ll give you the different types of foot massages.

Swedish Massage:  A common type of massage recommended for beginners. It involves smooth and long strokes and is very gentle and relaxing.

Deep Tissue Foot Massage: this massage is more of a therapy and is mostly done for people with medical needs. It targets the inner layers of the feet muscles. Slow but firm strokes are applied.

Shiatsu Massage:  a Japanese origin massage therapy, focuses on the body’s energy and brings a balance to the energy and relaxation of the body. It targets particular areas and has a rhythmic finger pressure application.

Some other massages are Thai massage, hot stone massage, sports massage, aromatherapy massage, Chinese massage, pre-natal massage, Ayurveda massage, trigger point therapy, acupressure, and reflexology.

Massage Method

Massaging can either be done by hand or by an apparatus. The main function of both is to relax muscles and relieve pain and anxiety.

For foot massage, the focus is mainly on the foot’s top, toes, heels, and soles.

A typical massage includes- Effleurage (stroking and gliding), Petrissage (kneading), Tapotement (Rhythmic Tapping), Friction and Vibration

List of the Top 6 Foot Massagers

Wearing those high heels for hours or standing long hours working can take a toll on those poor feet. Massaging those feet from the comfort of your house is a blissful experience. A foot massager can be used standing, sitting or while you are working too. It is quite easy and does not require external help. Most foot massagers are portable and easily stored after use. So here I have collected the 6 best foot massagers that you can use on your own.

1. Nekteck’s Shiatsu therapy plantar massager:

The first massager on my list is Nekteck’s Shiatsu therapy plantar massager. This massager states to have infrared heat function and comes along with a power cord.

Description: the massager has 6 massage heads with 18 rotating massager nodes. The heating function enables to relieve muscle tension, regulates blood flow and eases the pain. The heating function is manually programmed. The massager also has a height adjuster, which helps you to adjust its height up to 3 levels giving you a comfortable posture and relaxation. The massager is easily operated simply by a touch. The power cord can be effortlessly stored and the compact massager and be easily transported too. The massager comes with a manual that helps in easy usage. The massager is light in weight and also budget friendly.

2. Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager:

Description: The shiatsu foot massager from Miko has a deep kneading, rolling and vibrating effect. The massager has 5 pressure settings and targets exact pressure points. It also has the facility to provide pressure with heat and air. Independent foot chambers allow for a wonderful massage to the soles and sides of the feet. It comes with 2 wireless remotes that enable easy operation of the massager.
This Massager has removable covers that can be washed easily. It is portable and can be used while working or relaxing.

Recommended use: 30 minutes daily. Starting from a low-pressure setting gradually increase the pressure levels.

3. FIT KING Leg Air Massager for Foot and Calf Circulation Massage:

Now, this is a massager I came across in a friend’s home. 10 minutes into it and I was literally in love with it. The FIT King leg air massager is worth investing in.
Description: The massager focuses not only on the feet but on the calves too. The massager has 3 pressure levels for up gradation and has easy to use 2 modes. It has a controller that can be handheld and operated easily. The kit comes with extensions that help in the easy operation. It has 2×2 airbags that provide comfortable massage. The calf wrap is adjustable allowing easy use of different feet and calf sizes. It has a 15 minutes auto cutoff for easy operation. Can be easily transported and stored. The massager helps in improving blood circulation and relieves pain. The product comes with an easy to understand user manual.

Recommended use: For those with a varicose vein, high-pressure work, workouts, and frequent travelers.

4. Mynt Shiatsu Foot Massager with Deep-Kneading:

Description: The Mynt shiatsu foot massager again operates on the shiatsu technique. The built-in heating pad, rollers provides a deep kneading effect. The heat function and air pressure can be altered as per requirement for muscle relaxation. It assists in blood flow, relaxation and foot ailments like plantar fasciitis. The coverage is awesome from ankle to toe. The massager is sturdy and delivers heavy-duty performance. The inside soles are detachable and washable for hygienic use. An auto-stop after a 20-minute cycle is provided.

Recommended use: For those who prefer massaging for feet relaxation and pain relieving. Pregnant and people with medical issues should consult a professional before using it.

5.  Shiatsu Foot Massager for Painful Plantar Fasciitis, Chronic and Nerve Pain:

The Shiatsu foot massager from Belmint is a massager that boasts of ergonomic design, economic features, and technology that eases pain and fatigue. It is suited for those with plantar fasciitis and those who have standing jobs or simply who would like to relieve stress. The massager helps in blood circulation and full muscle relaxation.
Description: the massager works on the shiatsu technique which provides deep kneading on particular stress points. It comes with 18 massage nodes that can be used according to your needs and comfort. It also has an inbuilt heater that provides a warming massage. The machine is designed to give complete massage to all major points of the feet. The massager comes with easy to operate touch control and can be operated by the feet. It is light in weight and can be easily carried and stored in your home, office or places you travel. The massager is budget-friendly and fit for those who wish to have a massage at home.

6. Foot Massage Machine Shiatsu Massager by CloudMassage:

The last product I would love to suggest is the Deep kneading Shiatsu massager by CloudMassage. The sleek, ergonomic design and massage technology that this machine uses are attributes that make this massager a forerunner in the market.
Description: The massager can be used sitting down as it provides an easily changeable optimal angle bar. It has a rolling ball feature with multiple settings that can be customized as per requirement. It gives an air compression massage and has heat adjustable settings too. The quality of the product is unmatchable and is a medical grade massager that comes with step by step instructions for easy operation.
Recommended use: the massager focuses not only on the feet but also the legs, calf, ankles, and toes. Medically designed for those with plantar fasciitis, diabetics, and neuropathy, it gives a massage experience that provides instant relief and deep muscle relaxation.


Your foot needs the rest it yearns. Spending time and pampering those feet will surely help you have a comfortable and relaxed foot that carries you on with renewed energy. Wear those high heels and do those dances you always yearned to do. These 6 massagers are the best in the market. Always buy authentic massagers that are true to their word. If you have the best foot massager of your own, do share it with us! We would love to hear your happy feet journey. Happy feet, happy body!