Easy Cleopatra Makeup with Step by Step Pictures

Easy Cleopatra Egyptian Makeup with Step by Step Pictures

The first thing which comes in the mind whenever we hear the name Cleopatra is her beauty. Cleopatra Makeup was the perfect combination of beauty with the brain. The Cleopatra makeup is also known as Egyptian makeup. The magic of her makeup still mesmerize many of us even in this era. The undisclosed facts of her beauty and makeup is no longer a hidden secret. Cleopatra Egyptian Makeup is now a very much in-style and many woman choose to wear this Cleopatra makeup to look different.

The eye makeup is the most important part of Cleopatra makeup. It is a very bold makeup style. Cleopatra makeup or Egyptian makeup is not suitable as a regular daily makeup or as an office makeup. One can try it in the evening parties or for chilling outside with the friends.

Cleopatra makeup is popular mostly in the western side of the world though many of the Indian woman also try it sometimes to look different than others. So if you want to try Cleopatra makeup, here goes the step by step tutorial for you to get the mythical look.

Products Need for Cleopatra Makeup:

  • Face primer
  • Foundation
  • Concealer
  • Face Powder
  • Contour Powder
  • Eye-shadow Primer
  • Kohl Pencil
  • Eyebrow pencil
  • Eye line
  • Eye-shadow (blue, black, red, golden and silver)
  • Mascara
  • Lip liner
  • Lipstick (red, maroon, pink)
  • Blusher (reddish shades)

Now I will give you the step by step Cleopatra makeup tutorial and discuss how to use those above mentioned cosmetics to get the Cleopatra look.

STEP -1 Face-Makeup:

The base makeup is one of the most essential part of every makeup type. First apply the face prime all over the face and on the neck. It gives the skin a flawless look.

Choose a concealer of your skin tone and apply it bellow the eyes and also on the cheek bones to remove any spots or any darkness in your skin.

Choose a foundation which should be one shade darker than your skin tone and apply it all over the faces and neck. Take a foundation brush and dab the foundation all over the face. Just mind one thing that blending the makeup proportionately all over the skin is very vital to get a perfect and flawless base.

Then take the contouring kit, contouring gives a sharp look. Apply the darker shade on both the sides of the nose, cheek bones and on the jaw line. Now apply the lighter shade on the T-zone of your face, forehead and also above the cheek bone area. You can also use any shimmer powder in this places to highlight.

If you have oily face then you can use a face powder all over the face to absorb the extra oily look. So now your base make is done.

Step – 2 Eye-makeup:

The bold eye makeup look is the main essence of Cleopatra makeup. The Cleopatra makeup is distinct from others by its different heavy eye makeup look. First you need to prepare your eyebrow. If you have thick eyebrow then you need a similar colour eyebrow pencil and give your eyebrow a high arch with elongated tail look. This high arch eyebrow shape gives a dramatic and big eye look. And if you have thin eye brow then draw the eye brow with thick lines by using eye brow pencil.

Now use your eye shadow primer over the eyelid. It helps to hold the eye makeup for longer time and also it gives a smooth base. Now first apply your eye liner and draw thick line over the upper lash line and expand it little long to give a wing shape. Now apply the kohl in the below lash line and expand the line till it meet the upper wings. You can also give a rectangular shape in the edge of the wings. This wings makes the eyes look bigger and a little dramatic.

Now fill the upper eye lid with an eye shadow preferably blue, red and black and maintain the same wing shape like the eye liner and Kohl. You can also highlight the lower eyebrow bone with a silver shimmer.

Now apply the mascara to enhance the volume of your eye lashes and to make it look bigger.

Step – 3 Lip Makeup:

So now the last part of the Cleopatra makeup tutorial is the lip makeup. First you need lip liner preferably in red, golden, maroon and beige shades. Draw the outline of your lip and then fill it with the similar colour of lipstick. You can also apply lip gloss on top of the lipstick it makes your look more bold. Even you can try two different shades of lipsticks to get a different look.

Tips To Apply Cleopatra Makeup:

  1. Cleopatra Makeup is a bold form of makeup. If you want to create a bold makeup look then it is for you.
  2. Always choose a foundation one shade darker than your skin tone. Keep it in mind that the basic aim of Cleopatra makeup is not looking fair but looking bold.
  3. Always use the dark shades for lipstick and for the eye shadow.
  4. You can use false eye lashes to increase the volume of the lashes and then apply mascara over it.
  5. Try this makeup with you western outfits such as off-shoulder gown or even you can buy a Cleopatra costume to get the real legendary look.
  6. You can try heavy neck pieces to suit with the Cleopatra makeup.
  7. At the time of preparing the hair, make a high puff and give your hair a voluminous look and keep it open. Even you can try Cleopatra wigs to get the exact look.
  8. Always try a makeup setting spray after you complete you makeup because the Cleopatra makeup is a bold type of makeup and the dark shade are used to get the look and in our country because of the excessive heat, it is always advisable to use a makeup setting spray to avoid melting of the makeup and to hold the makeup for long time.
  9. Cleopatra makeup is also used for the Halloween makeup.

Some of the Best and Easy Cleopatra Makeup Examples:-