Would It Better to Flex or Relax When Getting a Massage?

Would It Better to Flex or Relax When Getting a Massage?

Well, it will be better to relax than to flex when getting a massage. Not many massage therapist will appreciate if you keep on showing off and gloating during a massage session. Actually it is very rare to have any conversation with a massage therapist on a spa. But don’t relax just too much and forget to speak when it is necessary. What I mean by necessary is like when you are in pain and the massage therapist happen to cause you even more pain instead of making it reduce. It is not necessary to fake it if you are not enjoying it.

During a massage session when you are in pain there are many things that happen. Your muscle might be tensing and if your muscle is tensing while you are getting a massage, it will most probably do that to protect itself. The nervous system contracts and hardens the muscle like some kind of armor to prevent you from getting more injuries.

It is like a norm for most people to relax and pretend that everything is alright and wonderful even when the massage therapist do it that it causes pain. But that should not be the case, you should speak up if you feel like the massage is overwhelming. What you should always use as your general rule thumb is if you cannot convince the area being worked on to relax mentally, tell the therapist to stop it.

If you hire a mobile therapist from My Home Therapy who is a professional with experience of massaging people in pain, when he reaches a certain point, he will back off a bit because he knows how to do it right? He understands that the muscles are different and working fascia is not as same as working tissue. The muscle of the belly is different from its attachments. They all require different techniques and depth.

He understands that the response to pain is different to different people so he will keep on asking you if everything is alright, and if it is not, it will be very wise to speak up so that he can give the massage as your body wants it. Since we have identified that relaxing while you are getting a massage is the best option, I think it will be better to look at some of the ways to relax when you are getting a massage.

Relax When Getting a Massage

 How to Relax During a Massage

When you are receiving a massage, halfway through it our minds usually starts winding down, our thoughts start clearing out and you only manage to get about 10 minutes to relax even though that was the main aim. A 90-minute treatment feels like is not enough and you need like two sessions in order to have a clear mind and feel relaxed. However, if you keep these tips that am going to provide to you in mind when you are receiving a massage, it will help you get the most out of it.

Undress: When you get to the spa, take some time and go to the locker room to undress and put on the robe provided on. That’s the first thing you should do in order to get accustomed to the new environment of spa.

Get Some Drinks: Now that you are in the mood and you feel kind of at home, why don’t you make yourself feel even more at home by getting a drink for yourself? Most spas in the world usually have tea bars so if you are a fan of tea, you can take a cup or two to help you feel warmer and prepare you to relax.

Relax Even Before the Massager Enters the Room: If you want to get most of the massage session, it will be wise to be relaxed even before the massage therapist enters the room. Most of the spas usually have kind of a relaxation area like a small sitting room where you can take some time alone and relax before the massage. You can even meditate before the massage therapist enters the room. If there is like a swimming pool and baths, where you are getting the massage, be sure to take advantage of that. Sitting on a pool is always very relaxing and it is going to calm your mind as well as your body before the therapist gets in.

Breathe: Another way to effectively relax before you get a massage session, is to get some deep breathing. As you are waiting for the massage therapist to come in, close your eyes and have a deep breathe. Count like one to ten as you breathe heavily in and out. Deep breathing has many benefits to you like promoting blood flow, lowering heart rate and increasing the effectiveness of your lymphatic system as well as detoxifying your organs. You can actually relieve stress by simply breathing and this goes hand in hand with your goals for a massage therapy. Everybody wants to lower stress levels during a massage session right?

Keep Your Mouth Shut:  Being quiet during the massage promotes relaxation. Most of us don’t even think about talking during a massage session. However, there are some massage therapists who encourage conversations and if the clients don’t object. If your massage therapist is the kind and he can’t even take a hint that you don’t need the conversation, just close eyes and leave him talking to himself, and by that he can’t bother you with conversations again. Talking is not relaxing and you should avoid it as much as possible. Also, make sure to close your eyes during the whole process so that your brain can be the one concentrating on what is happening around.