Haircare Tips: 8 Important Hair Care Tips to Follow

Haircare Tips: 8 Important Hair Care Tips to Follow

Hair care is an extension of self-care. Most of us fail to recognize this simple fact. We often brush away things like skincare, hair care, and grooming as unnecessary vanities. But your skin and hair are an integral part of your body. And taking care of them falls under the necessary steps to keep your physical health and wellbeing in place. 

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Also, all of us should be taking extra care of our hair for the sake of maintaining a presentable appearance as well. The last thing you want is someone on the street to mistake you for a live actor from Mind Bustling Escape Rooms Jokes aside, whether you want to focus on your internal health or upgrade your exterior, haircare is as un-skippable as the new YouTube ads. So, this year, take some of these steps to actively improve the health of your hair for an overall better you.

8 Important Hair Care Resolutions You Need to Follow

1. Have a thorough cleansing system:

A little experimentation with different cosmetics to strike the perfect formula for you can be a good way to get started. However, this does not apply to your shampoo and conditioner choices. Often, we make the mistake of choosing a shampoo from one pack, a conditioner from another, and a hair mask from yet another pack. If you care enough for your hair, make sure to avoid this method at all costs! 

Shampoos, conditioners, and hair masks sold as a pack together are generally formulated to complement each other. Thus, you can only see the best results if you use all of the products from a particular hair care pack. While trying out different hair care packs to find out the best one is okay, it is, however, not judicious to mix and match the individual products. Stick to the hair care pack that best suits your hair type, and stop mixing and matching different products! 

2. Avoid excessive use of hair styling products:

After the prolonged tension that your hair bears throughout the week, you must allow your hair to rest during the weekend. During the weekend, allow your hair to rest and replenish itself. Instead of using a hair dryer to dry out your hair, let it air dry.  

Heat-styling is considered to be one of the prime reasons for hair damage. It leads to dry hair, the occurrence of split ends, and several other problems. To keep your hair luscious and damage-free, try to avoid your favorite hair styling products as much as possible. If not during the weekdays, you can at least avoid them during the weekends. Instead, find the beauty in the natural texture of your hair, which is also beautiful if looked at carefully! 

3. Say no to high-tension hairstyles:

Instead of a tight updo, style your hair with looser hairdo options. It is only best to avoid using any tight headband or hair accessories that pull on your hair shaft. While high ponytails or ballerina buns might be your favorite hairstyles to have a comfy look, they put excessive stress on your shaft.  

Thus, it can lead to hair breakage and hair fall. Instead of your all-time-favorite high ponytail, you can opt for a low ponytail or rock the loose messy buns! So, just like you loll on your sofa and relax during the weekends, let your hair do the same! 

4. Turn down the temperature of your shower:

Even though you may feel nothing that seems comparable to a steamy hot shower, remember your hair does not feel the same way about it. It is said that taking extremely hot showers can strip your hair of its natural moisture, leaving behind dry and dull hair. So, the next time you take a shower, ensure you use lukewarm water instead.  

Lukewarm water, which is approximately 100F (mildly above normal body temperature), is usually considered the best water temperature for showers. Washing your hair at such a temperature offers you with sufficient warmth required to properly clean all the shampoo from your hair without affecting your scalp. However, there are precisely two instances wherein washing your hair with lukewarm water can be advised: 

Washing with hot water: Washing your hair with warm water allows you to deeply clean your hair since the heat makes the sebum buildup less waxy. So, washing their hair with warm water can be a good idea for people with oily scalps. It is also important to make sure you are not using very hot water that can strip your hair off in one wash. Using excessively hot water can deplete the natural essential oils of your hair and thus irritate and make your scalp dry. This can then consequently lead to hair problems.  

Washing with cold water: Washing your hair with cold water can reduce the chances of depletion of natural oils from your hair. Furthermore, the presence of less steam can help in preventing your hair from becoming frizzy, porous, fragile, and unmanageable.  The water should also not be excessively cold. Using extremely cold water to wash your hair can constrict the capillaries present on your scalp. Keep in mind that your scalp always needs a consistent flow of blood to promote hair growth and maintain its health. Thus, washing your hair with excessively cold water is not a good option for you!  

5. Start using a scalp scrub:

Shampoos, conditions, and hair masks are alright. But have you thought of using a scalp scrub? Well, if not, you might as well start using one from now. It might be a good time to start using a scalp scrub, especially for people who feel that their hair seems to be weighed down.  

Just like your usual face scrub, a scalp scrub also helps you exfoliate your scalp. It helps in preventing the accumulation of hair care products, excess oil, and dirt on your scalp. Thus, you can then have healthier roots than ever before!  

6. Avoid permanent hair coloring:

While permanently coloring your hair a different shade looks tempting, make sure you know its pitfalls before you blindly jump in. Indulging in coloring your hair now and then is not a healthy hair care choice.  

But if you still wish to try out coloring your hair a different shade, you can rather use temporary hair coloring formulas. These temporary hair color formulas usually wash out completely once you wash your hair with shampoo. So, instead of damaging your hair each time you use permanent hair colors, you can opt for temporary hair dyes! 

7. Incorporate deep conditioning in your hair care routine:

Deep conditioning your hair is vital to your weekly healthy hair care routine. Given all the different activities that your hair has to bear all week long, a deep conditioner will allow your hair to rejuvenate. It helps you to address several hair problems with just one formula.  

While conditioning your hair, think about what part of your hair tends to get greasy the earliest. It is the roots, right? Now, use this knowledge when you apply your conditioner, for it needs to be applied only in certain areas and not just everywhere. One of the best practices to apply your conditioner properly is to start applying it from the mid-length of your hair to its ends. You need to apply any conditioner to the roots, for that can make your hair weigh down!  

Using a wide-toothed comb to properly spread the conditioner as well as detangle your hair can be helpful. Deep conditioning your hair does not require too much time or energy. So, if you love your strands, make sure to deep condition your hair once every week for healthier hair! 

8. Caring for your hair is vital incorporation of your self-care schedule:

Just like you might be spending time and energy to take care of your skin and revitalize it, make sure to do the same for your hair too. Be it an appointment with your hair stylist or applying a homemade hair mask, you can always find some way to take care of your hair and address your hair problems. Be slow and gentle as you take care of your hair, instead of thinking it is just another one of your daily chores. Just as your hair relaxes and enjoys the treatment, make sure you too enjoy this period of self-pampering wholeheartedly! 

Even the simplest of practices like alternating your hair parting routine can greatly impact your hair. Not only does it give you a fuller look, but you will also notice how your roots lift much more than how you usually part your hair!  You take enough care of your skin but often not enough for your hair. Make sure you break this idea this year and stick to your resolution of having healthier and better-looking hair. Say goodbye to all your hair problems and embrace your hair with all its bubbling health!