25 Best hairstyles for fat faces for Women

25 Best hairstyles For Fat Faces For Women

25 Best hairstyles for fat faces for Women: Your hair is not just an extension of calcium on your head. Over the millennials, hair has been a symbol of status, wealth and lineage. The oldest recorded hairstyle dates back to 30,000 years ago, which were braids. Since then women hair has had a cultural significant. In ancient Rome, women’s hair was carefully decorated to represent various cultural aesthetics. And every ethnic group had their way of making a woman look beautiful in their hair. Asiatic culture like the Japanese and the Chinese preferred women with tied hair and having decorative ornaments over them while Europeans had no such social bounds. Taking a leap into the modern history we can see that in the 20th century, women’s hairstyles have become more of a fashion statement. From Marilyn Monroe’s short blonde curls to Adele’s voluminous magnificent long hair, hairstyles have definitely changed over the years. In millennial fashion, hairstyles have been modified to suit the faces of women with artistic and symmetrical geniuses. While you might agree that not every hairstyle suits every face, you will also know that finding the best hairstyles for fat faces isn’t that difficult considering the thousands of options to choose from, here are the top 25 hairstyles that will make you look trendy.

1. Side Swept Bang Style:

Best hairstyles for fat faces for WomenWe understand that having chubby cheeks is not exactly what a lot of women want. While having chubby cheeks make any girl ten times cuter instantly, many women find it undesirable. So, our first entry is a style to curb that look. If you get your hair trimmed in a particular way it will reduce the chubby look from your cheeks and give the most desired toned look to the face. A side swept bang style also helps by taking away all the attention from the cheeks to the eyes. This style suits all age group and you can pull this off at any time of the year.

2. Mixed Layers Hair Style:

Best hairstyles for fat faces for WomenYou can see many celebrities pulling this style off. Along with making your face look slimmer this hair also adds a touch of elegance and class to every party you go to. A haircut that has consistent layers of hair at different lengths works lie magic for any fat face. Some of the strands must be short and the rest in natural long length. But don’t make the strands too short. The shortest strand must be of chin length. You might not worry if you have straight hair. This style works for both straight hair and soft locks. Leave them loose and let them compliment any dress you wear.

3. Pixie Cuts (Tapered) Hairstyles:

Best hairstyles for fat faces for WomenBecause of being o bold, not many women opt for this style. And the stigma is somewhat true, if you cannot pull this style off properly, it can backfire terribly. But we cannot deny that this hairstyle is very trendy and is often considered one of the best Haircuts for fat faces. Pixie haircut is not just fantastic for a fat face but it also looks very stylish. You can make your neck look longer and put off the fat face with a cropped pixie cut. To pull this hairstyle off correctly all you need to do is define the hairstyle and keep it combed well.

4. Short & Sharp Bob Hairstyle:

Best hairstyles for fat faces for WomenHere comes another bold hairstyle that not many women prefer to do. The hairstyle is unequivocally trendy but the probability of not pulling it off perfectly is really high. But it is undeniably one of the best hairstyles for fat faces. If you have short length of hair, this hairstyle might be perfect for you. This hairstyle defines the bond of your face. However, it is important to choose the right bob considering the structure of your face. This hairstyle suits young teens and women in their 20s and 30s. it will look cool at parties and even with a casual attire.

5. The Chic Style:

Best hairstyles for fat faces for WomenSometimes the occasion calls for cuteness and we understand that there is an inherent cute girl inside of you. If you are going out on a date or want an easy relaxing hairstyle then the chic style would be perfect for you. This hairstyle is for those who have long hair. How to make it? Just tie an elongate bun on top of your head which will lengthen the shape of your face. This hairstyle is good for any party or you can even do it with a casual look. The hairstyle is good with straight or wavy hair and adds a whole summer-spring vibe to your apparel.

6. Long Waves Hairstyle:

Best hairstyles for fat faces for WomenFor those of you who have long hair and don’t want to compromise its length for the sake of having a lean face, we understand you. It takes a lot of time and effort to grow hair and we have just the right style for your face to look lean. You can, without much effort, pull off the Long Waves Hairstyle. Just as it gives the right lift, it also adds body to the hair which is very essential for a fat face. The hairstyle is very versatile. It does both, outlines your face and frames it perfectly.

7. Half Up Do Style:

Best hairstyles for fat faces for WomenGoing back to 2011, you can see Selena Gomez doing this style almost everywhere. Back then it was a fresh hairstyle and quickly caught the trend for young girls to do everywhere. The kind of retro Half Up Do Style is a casual hairstyle for wavy hair that looks majestic in the winters. Besides being trendy, did you know that doing your hair half up you can actually give your face a slim look? By taking away all the hair from your face you can shift the focus to your eyes. You can leave a few strands falling on your face just to frame the entire hairstyle.

8. Simple Bob Haircut:

Best hairstyles for fat faces for Womenbobs are always good for fate faces. They provide natural contouring an makes your face look slim. The simple bob cut is one of the few hairstyles that will make you look sensible. This schoolgirl like cut was also pulled off by Selena Gomez who absolutely ruled it. You can part your hair sideways and make them fall loose. The falling hair makes contact with your cheeks and makes your face look leaner. This hairstyle is good for any casual occasion as well as a carefully combing it will rock any party. Though this style will only suit straight hair.

9. Long Hair with Bangs:

Best hairstyles for fat faces for WomenThose who say that bangs have ruined lives, didn’t actually know how to pull one off. Everyone loves a good set of bangs. To cherish your love for bangs we bring to you a hairstyle that you will look good at a wedding, in any party or if you decide to go completely casual, all the while making you face look leaner. Let all your partly curly hair loose and comb them nicely to being out that nice texture and you are done. Bangs mostly look good on straight hair but it is appropriate for all age groups making it a really versatile hairstyle.

10. Sleek Ponytail:

Best hairstyles for fat faces for WomenWhen you have chubby cheeks, it is important to make the face feel elongated and fell defined. Tie up all your hair to make a sleek and well swept pony tail at the bake of your hair to achieve this look. It is one of the Best hairstyles for fat faces for women consider all the elegance and class it comes with. Just as it will make your face feel elongated it will help you to flaunt all the curves and combining the two will make a unique look. Math the hairstyle with cool earrings to enhance the look

11. Feathered Pixie Haircut:

Best hairstyles for fat faces for WomenYes, you are going to see a lot of short hairstyles on this list. And we can’t help it. These hairstyles are just too trendy to leave out and on the plus side they help with making your face look less fat. Irrespective of all the other short hairstyles we have mentioned, this one is the one with the lowest maintenance. This is just an ordinary pixie cut with one side left longer than the other in a very uneven fashion. This hairstyle suits any and all age groups and adds a whole lot of summer feeling to it. Rock any party or go full casual with this style.

12. Short Length Fusion Bob Cut:

Best hairstyles for fat faces for WomenAnd we bring you yet another variation of the pixie cut. From Jennifer Lawrence to Scarlett Johannsson, and even Miley Cyrus, everyone has sported a pixie cut sometime and it has looked really nice on them. This hairstyle particularly is a bit different considering it combine the pixie look with the classic bob look. If you are someone who doesn’t want to go all bold with your hairstyle, this might be the cut for you. This hairstyle suits all season but is only good with women having straight hair and in their 20s to 40s.

13. Long Layered Cut for Fat Face:

Best hairstyles for fat faces for WomenLayering hides a lot of fat of your face. Girls with long hair always have the advantage of getting a layered haircut and hide the extra skin. Sometimes even a layered style is preferred and is considered the best hairstyle for a fat face. How this hairstyle works is when you let strands of layered hair fall from both sides od your cheeks it helps hide portions of your cheek making them look more softer and give you an overall sleek look. Plus, this hairstyle will look good on any occasion, party, wedding, casual.

14. Hair Parting Hair Style:

Best hairstyles for fat faces for WomenThough you can call this hairstyle a bit deceptive but it works like magic when it comes to make your face look leaner. For women who have long hair and fat faces can try to experiment with the parting of their hair. The first important suggestion is to stop doing the middle parting that makes your cheeks heavier. Rather, experiment a little with the various partings. Try side parting or zigzags, anything that will take the focus off the cheeks and to the forehead. This hairstyle looks best with curly hair but can suit wavy hair too.

15. African Undercut:

Best hairstyles for fat faces for WomenLet’s face the elephant in the room. Not everyone has the same hair. Hairstyles vary depending on the heritage, lineage and origins. African hair is a lot different than normal Caucasian or Asian hair. Fat faces in African women can look pretty with just a simple undercut. Undercuts are appropriate for any occasion and is a symbol for boldness and women empowerment. Curly hair undercuts give out a fresh summer vibe and is so pretty that it looks appropriate on any age group. They give an overall elongated look to the face and just like the pixie cuts, are really good for hiding facial fat.

16. Very Short Haircut for Fat Chubby Face:

Best hairstyles for fat faces for WomenAnd yet another short hairstyle! But this one has a different charm about it. It takes a lot of boldness and determination to cut your hair really short but once you do the outcome could be really admirable. This hairstyle is particularly for women who like to experiment a lot and like to bring an attitude in everything they do. Flaunt all that tomboyish charm with a very short pixie cut or an undercut. This hairstyle works best on straight hair but you can experiment with wavy hair. The whole hairstyle has a spring-summer feel to it and is good for parties, weddings or casual occasions.

17. Vintage Rolls on Chubby Faces:

Best hairstyles for fat faces for WomenThe 70s! more than the music and the aesthetics, something else was really beautiful back then. The hairstyles on women. Reviving the era of rock and roll, this hairstyle brings back the old school nostalgia along with working brilliantly on the chubby cheeks. You can see Adele pulling this style off every now and then. Adele has a fat face and this style works perfectly for her. You cannot miss her flaunting this hairstyle with her super silky hair and makes her look majestic. The hairstyle is good for every age group and works best with wavy hair.

18. Frizzy Curls:

Best hairstyles for fat faces for WomenNow frizzy curls are generally associated with African hairstyles but to be honest, anyone can full it off. To break the general stigma surrounding it, this hairstyle is not your general bad hair day. And no, you cannot pull this off just by getting up from your bed. It is however, strictly a style of a chubby face. To get this hairstyle the hair is pushed from all the sides after giving it a lot of volume. This is a massive trendy look and takes the look off the face and straight to the hair.

19. Simple Middle Parting Hairstyle:

Best hairstyles for fat faces for WomenImagine it’s the 70s. Vietnam war has just ended and John Lennon is still alive. There is love a psychedelic t shirt all around you and along with that is a spree of beautiful hairstyles of women. This hairstyle is very reminiscent of the make love not war movement of the 70s and still looks very amazing. While it is true that middle parting your hair makes your face rounder but it also gives a classier touch to your attire. You can see Mila Kunis pull off this style and it looks absolutely gorgeous on her.

20. Voluminous Bob Hairstyle:

Best hairstyles for fat faces for WomenAnother fan favourite straight out of Adele’s style list. Considering the magnificent and majestic style of her music, we bring to you one of the best hairstyles by the singer which is often times considered to be the best for a chubby face. Adele has a chubby face herself and this style of voluminous bob take the eyes off your face and straight to the hair. Its nothing but a simple bob style with added volume to it. You can also experiment with a side parted style to make it look prettier.

21. Medium Length Curly Hairstyle:

Best hairstyles for fat faces for WomenDo you have a little fat face with really thick hair? Then this hairstyle might just be for you. On the plus side, this style needs absolutely no effort. This is ne of the simplest styles to sport and does not need you to even go to a stylist. All you need is a curling iron. You need to curl your hair, but not too much or you might over do it. This style adds a layer of smartness to your profile and is good for any party or casual occasion. This style is also apt for any season and all age groups

22. Razor Cut Hair:

Best hairstyles for fat faces for WomenIn this list we have talked about styles that will suit all kinds of hair so, how can we leave behind women who are worried about their thin hair. Having thin hair is not a problem when you are pulling this style off. Some might stigmatize this look to Asians but trust me it looks equally great on everyone. To do this hair you need to poke your hair straight and then simply add volume to the top portion of your hair. The lower part stays sharp to give out a seemingly feather like razor look.

23. Full Forehead Fringe:

Best hairstyles for fat faces for WomenThere are hairstyles for every occasion. Some make you look funky; some are really bold and others add a touch of elegance to your entire wardrobe. We have some across many hairstyles on our list but only a few are as versatile as this one. You can pull this style off with straight or wavy hair. It suits all age group and is doable in any season. You can attend a party, go fully casual or even go to a wedding in this look. This is a very trendy style that will make your face look small and with take the eyes straight to the hair.

24. Short and Straight:

Best hairstyles for fat faces for WomenHere is a style to add to your cuteness quotient. The common notion is that hairstyles that hide fat faces require a lot of maintenance, but not this one. But just because the style said short and straight, don’t get it too straight. Keeping a lowkey curve to the hair works like magic. Keeping it soft and as simple as you can is the key. The hairstyle adds a whole summer spring look and is good for women between their 20s and 40s. rule the casual outfits with this look.

25. Braided Hairband for Chubby Brides:

Best hairstyles for fat faces for WomenWeddings are special, and if you are the bride it is the most important day of your life. You want everything to be perfect o your wedding. From the dress to the veil and your hair. If you are not a fan of your chubby cheeks and won’t like to flaunt them while walking down the aisle, you can simply try this hairstyle out. This hairstyle is specifically for brides with chubby cheeks and is designed to make them look majestic. However, for this hairstyle you need to have long, thick hair with good texture. To add the glamorous, romantic look, start with braiding your hair from one side beside the ear and do it all over to make a crown. You can also make a bun behind you head to make the entire thing stay in place. This hairstyle is truly majestic and will make your day even more special.

Thought the hairstyles have changed throughout the ages, the thing that remains is the unwavering spirit of a woman. A woman is a mother, daughter and a wife, she is a diva and an unflinching soul on fleek. In Maya Angelou’s words “I’m a woman Phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, That’s me.” And that phenomenal woman is you. No matter the dress you choose to wear, or the shoes you choose to shine or the hairstyle you want to flaunt, you will always be an exceptionally unique version of one in a million. And that is something we will always cherish.