10 Most Expensive Handbags in the World

10 Most Expensive Handbags in the World

Handbags are like a girl’s secret weapon, her best friend and in case of luxury her most prestigious precious accessory. And when the handbag is crafted by the best designer and has the best individuality attached to it, these handbags become a part of their personality which they love to flaunt anywhere and everywhere they can. The uniqueness and the design of these bags make them cost in millions but they are worth every penny their price tag displays making them even more wanted in the elite and royals all around the world.

Although there are many designers and expensive handbag brands that make bags on the list today we have the best for you that will make you go wow and overwhelm you with their charms. It is not even the 1% of the world that qualifies to but the 100% can dream for it and this list will surely make your dream for one.

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 The Top 10 Most Expensive and Desired Handbags

1. Mouawad 1001 Nights Diamond HandBag:

Having the price of $3.8 Million, the Mouawad Bag is the most expensive bag ever made and is also certified for its most expensive characteristic in the world famous Guinness Book of world record. This Emirati Luxury goods company has always made world record bags and has 5 bags that are mentioned in the Guinness Book of world record. If you go to find answers for why it is the most expensive bag, you will come to know that it has been crafted by 10 professionals for a total of 8,800 hours to make this beauty come in reality. This exquisite piece of art is a heart-shaped bag which is made of 18 karat gold and it filled in with diamonds on its top. It has thousands of beautiful diamonds studded on it making it the best of all. it has 56 pink diamonds, 105 yellow diamonds and 4,356 colorless diamond, which means it has a total of 4,517 diamonds studded on the top of this beautiful handbag. This beauty is the best to get you sleepless nights and make you realize that there are so many things in the world that are beautiful beyond the limits of beauty.

2. Hermes Birkin Blue Bag by Ginza Tanaka:

There is nothing that can astonish you in this world more than a masterpiece created by the best artisan. Hermes Birkin Blue Bag is one such masterpiece that is created by Hermes in collaboration with the well-known and one of the best Japanese Designer, Ginza Tanaka. Costing $1.9 Million, this breathtaking beauty is made of platinum and has about 2,000 diamonds studded amazingly all over it. To add more shining elegance to it, it has a sling made out of diamonds that can be used to beautify you and can be used as a necklace or bracelet too. There is also an 8 karat pear-shaped stone that sits on the top of this handbag and can be used as a brooch as per required. Along with the beauty, this bags offers utility and can be disintegrated and used for many other purposes and Hermes being an expensive purses brand we all know why it is so hyped. 

3. Lana Marks Cleopatra Bag:

This bag having the worth of $400,000 can be the one that your favorite Hollywood celebrity would have carried with their red carpet look. Generally, there is a Cleopatra bag created every year in a different style and color but this one has topped the list in every aspect than others in the range. Owned by Li Bingbing, who is a Chinese singer this is the most expensive one on the list. Made from an American alligator leather, this Cleopatra handbag has 1,600 diamonds studded on it and of 40 karats. It also has its owner’s name “Li Bingbing” written on it with pink gold and pink diamonds making it more unique and one of its kind in the whole world.

4. Hermes Matte Crocodile Birkin Bag:

Having a worth of $379,000, this handbag has been made in memory of “Jane Birkin” who was an actress and singer. Made from the most exclusive and top quality leather, this handbag has clasps that are decorated with 10 karat white diamonds and made of white gold, adding shine and exclusivity to it. This stunning bag is one of its kinds and is just a dream for all the other people leaving one that can own it.

5. Chanel Diamond Forever Handbag:

This list of most expensive purses brands would have been incomplete without a Chanel in it. And this one deserved a place in this list because of its beauty and worth of $261,000. This eternal classic beauty’s body is made using the fines of the leather and its straps are made of white gold. Studded with 334 diamonds of 3.65 karats in total, this handbag is 13 in total that has been ever created. 5 of these are known to be in America.

6. Louis Vuitton Urban Satchel Bag:

Having a worth of $150,000 this beauty has to be there in our list of top 10 world’s most expensive handbags all around the world. Coming from a well-known luxury brand house, this handbag beauty is designed by one and only Louis Vuitton. Actually made of trash as stated, this is a piece that is a pure form of art and is made of many items like cigarette packs, water bottles and even chewing gum wrappers. Although those who don’t get the idea of art might say it is a trash can bag but the true lover and fan of art will find this handbag surprising work of beauty and pure form of art. Coming into the class of different and expressive, this handbag from Louis Vuitton is like a love for the few. And we all know why Louis Vuitton is one of the most expensive handbag brands around the world.

7. Judith Leiber Precious Rose Bag:

Having a worth of $92,000 this clutch handbag is just a beautiful piece. Made like a rose in its full blossom, this clutch handbag from Judith Leiber is made from the best of the best material then be it its straps of the body. The leather on this handbag is made from exclusive leather and the whole handbag is covered with precious stones all over the body. It has a total of 800 tourmalines, 1,016 diamonds and 1,196 pink sapphires covering this bag and making it the most beautiful of all. Looking like a fully blossomed rose, this is just the perfect lady and girly handbag that showcases elegance along with sophistication.

8. Louis Vuitton Tribute Patchwork Bag:

If the brand is Louis Vuitton, there are going to bag belonging to this designer house more than once in this list of top 10 most expensive bag around the world. Having the worth of $42,000 this exclusive beauty is one of a kind and is worth the hype in the world and in this list. This bag is created with a radical look that has made this bag one of its kind and different than any other bag that exists in the world. If one offers the attention that this bag deserves, they will notice that this handbag combines many in-house Louis Vuitton handbag styles in one. With only 20 such styles ever created, it is known to have been with who’s and who of the world. One of these bags is known to have been owned by Beyonce.

9. Hilde Palladino Gadino Bag:

Having a worth of about $38,470 this handbag is love for the exotic leather lovers. Created with supple and tough crocodile leather skin, this handbag is like an investment that is worthy of the amount you pay for it. designed by the great “Hilde Palladino” who is a known and most popular fashion figure in Norway, this handbag looks very attractive and has claps made of white gold and has 39 white diamond studded on it to make it all shiny and expensive.

10. Marc Jacob Carolyn Crocodile Handbag:

Coming from the house of a world-famous designer, this handbag is worth $38,000 and is perfectly priced if you know why it comes with this price tag. Made using exotic crocodile leather this handbag has segmented leather as the interior and exterior material for it. Not only that, this is a utility and multifunctional bag that has pockets and separators made inside it made to make sure that the owner’s things inside the bag are organized and in place. Being elegant and smart choice there is no doubt why this bag has created this hype and why is it so wanted on our list for the 10 most expensive bags around the world.


Going through the best and most expensive bags all around the world, we all know it’s worth the hype and madness and that not many can afford it. So how do you feel about the bags we discussed and what do you think are these bags worth the hype or not?