9 Best Tattoo Cover-Up Creams and Tattoo Concealers

9 Best Tattoo Cover-Up Creams and Concealers

Getting a tattoo is the best and the most awesome thing one can have. The craze for having tattoo adds up to the urge of getting one. Some people get a small flower on their wrist while some go for big faces around their arms. Tattoos are just a way to express yourself in a way and there is nothing wrong with getting a tattoo. But one can never be sure if they can carry their tattoo everywhere. Just imagine you have a very important meeting and the tattoo on your wrist is bothering you as it can be a problem for your overseas clients or maybe you want to go meet sophisticated people and the tattoo on your arm is bothering you but you don’t want to get your tattoo permanently removed but hide it somehow to not bother people around. Well, there is a solution to every problem around you and tattoo covering creams are the one for you.

Not only these creams take away the gaze of people from your tattoo, they hide your tattoo safe and sound so when you take the cream off, you still have that cool tattoo back. These are cheap compared to the laser treatments and they give you more freedom to hide your tattoo whenever you want and show your tattoo whenever you want.

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Buying Guide for Tattoo Cover-Up Creams

It is not a rocket science to buy a tattoo cover-up cream for yourself but there are some small things that one should take care about whenever they are purchasing like tattoo cover-up creams like:

  • The color: Since these tattoo cover-up creams come in a lot of shades there can be confusion as to what shade of tattoo cover-up you should buy. There is no need to be worried about it, just swatch the tattoo cover-up cream on that particular body part you have the tattoo. Never ever think that of the shade matched your face it will cover the tattoo on your wrist or arm. The human body has different skin shade for the different body part. Once you swatch the tattoo cover-up cream, see the one that is closest to the body part that has a tattoo and go for it. if the shade of the tattoo cover-up cream you pick is wrong it will be reflected in not a decent way.
  • The coverage: for tattoos that are small or spaced and do not have very concentrated ink, you can go for a medium to high coverage tattoo cover-up creams. But if you have a very concentrated tattoo that has a complex design, make sure that you pick the tattoo cover-up cream that covers your tattoo like magic. Coverage plays a very important role as you don’t want the tattoo to sneak out even after you have applied the tattoo cover-up cream and you also don’t and that you apply hundreds of layer of the cream to hide just a flower on your wrist. So choose the coverage of your cream-wise.
  • Dermatologist tested: this may not sound like a very important factor but the truth that you have to apply the tattoo cover-up cream on your body makes it very important that you purchase skin-friendly products for yourself. Otherwise, there can be chances that you might hide your tattoo for hours but the itching after application and skin allergy after removal makes it hard for you to overcome afterward. So choose products that are skin friendly and dermatologist tested.

Once you are sure that you picked the right shade, choose the right coverage and the tattoo cover-up cream is skin friendly as it is dermatologists tested, you are all ready to give that tattoo a good hide than be it a sophisticated family or the most important meeting of your life, you can be confident that your tattoo will not be a problem.

Top 9 Tattoo Cover-up Creams

To make your search easier for a tattoo cover-up cream and to make sure you don’t have to run errands and do rocket science research, here are the top 10 tattoo cover-up creams options for you that will make your search easier. There are also pros and cons associated with it so you can be sure what to choose.

1. Mehron Makeup Tattoo Cover:

Mehron Makeup tattoo cover is a creamy textured tattoo cover-up cream that can be very easily applied on your skin because of the creamy formula and is a good option to hide not only your tattoos but also your birthmarks and even skin discolorations. The application of this tattoo cover-up cream is also very easy. Just take the product that matches with your skin shade and gently apply it over the skin. One can also apply it with a sponge just patting the product on the skin for a better finish. Make sure you never stroke the product but gently pat it and then set it with a powder to make sure that it stays for long. For the best coverage for long hours, you can apply two layers of this product one by one patting them gently and then apply setting powder to it and lastly apply any makeup setting spray. This will seal the tattoo down and make it invisible.


  • Since you get 5 different shades in just one palette of Mehron Makeup tattoo cover it is easier for you to hide tattoo as it can be used on different body parts. And if you do not find the perfect skin shade match you can always mix and match and get the perfect same shade for your skin.
  • This tattoo cover-up cream has a creamy texture that makes it easier to apply and is gentle on the skin.
  • This product offers good coverage for long hours so you can be sure once it is applied nicely it will hide the most complex tattoo also for a long time.


  • Never try to rub the product or stroke the product on the skin as it will just rub off and will not cover the tattoo perfectly. Also rubbing it can irritate the skin.

2. Fancathy Concealer, Tattoo Cover Up Concealer Set:

Fanathy concealer set is professional tattoo cover-up cream that comes in a set of two creams to perfectly hide your tattoos. And it not only hides your tattoos but also covers your acne, post-surgical bruising, and skin pigmentation. So be it any kind of color correctness you require, this tattoo cover-up cream handles it all lightening or darkening or skin and makes your skin look flawless and even toned. This professional tattoo cover-up cream does not contain alcohol or any poisonous chemical that can harm your skin. It also has a very thin consistency formula and makes your skin breath freely even after its application. This cream also has a non-sticky texture that makes you feel as if your tattoo went on vacation rather than a heavy blanket covering your tattoo up. Also made with natural ingredients it offers very nice coverage even in thin layers of an application. All you have to do is squeeze the first product and pat in the desired area and blend it along with the skin and then do the same with the second product.


  • This product is made with natural ingredients so it will not irritate or harm the skin.
  • This tattoo cover-up cream has a non-sticky formula that makes it better.
  • This tattoo cover-up cream is also water proof so your tattoo and skin discolorations can be sure and safe.
  • It does not contain any alcohol or chemical so it is skin friendly.


  • Since there are two products, the blending of both the products on the skin nicely with patting motion is required for good coverage otherwise the area of application may not look perfectly concealed.

3. GARYOB Scar Tattoo Concealer Cream Set:

GARYOB Scar Tattoo Concealer Hiding Spots Birthmarks Makeup Cover Up Cream Set is the high coverage tattoo cover-up cream that comes in a set of two creams. This tattoo cover-up cream also has an SPF of 30 and is totally preservative free. This tattoo cover-up cream is hypoallergenic so you can be sure with this on your skin. Offering complete coverage to your desired area this is a specialist cover-up cream when it comes to tattoo and even for acne scars, loss of pigmentation and postsurgical bruising. It can be used on your face or the entire body. This tattoo cover-up cream is very hydrating and comfortable. Another good feature of this tattoo cover-up cream is that does not creases or cracks or clog your pores. This is also very simple to use as you just have to use a pea size product and gently pat it on your skin and blend it out and then use the next product in the same supplication procedure.

  • This tattoo cover-up cream is very hydrating and waterproof.
  • It offers high coverage even in a small quantity of product.
  • It offers complete coverage for your application.
  • It has a fast covering formula with 90% shade similarity.
  • This product does not crease, crack or weathers off easily and does not settle in skin lines or clog skin pores.


  • Since there are two products, the blending of both the products on the skin nicely with patting motion is required for good coverage otherwise the area of application may not look perfectly concealed.

4. Tatjacket Concealer Blender Pack:

Tatjacket Concealer Blender Pack is tattoo cover-up cream that comes in 3 shades along with different concealing color for each depending on the need of the users. The first tattoo cover-up cream concealer is a neutral undertone with the shade dark tan. The second shade in this tattoo concealer is for red/orange warm undertones which hasa a shade of medium bronze. The last shade in here is dark bronze with the undertone of burnt sienna for the warm undertone.

  • This product offers easy and temporary concealment for your tattoos.
  • Since this product comes in 3 different shades and undertone, it is very easy to find the shade closest to you otherwise they can be mixed together for the perfect shade.
  • The formula of this tattoo cover-up cream protects your skin while it is covering your tattoos.


  • The product does offer good coverage but the shade has to mix and match together.

5. Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Foundation:

Kat Von D Lock-It tattoo cover-up is a foundation that helps in hiding your tattoos and also acts as a makeup base. It also covers the tats and skin discoloration along with scars. This foundation is very easy to use for covering your tattoo. All you have to do is take a small amount of this product by pumping it and then gently pat it on that area of skin over the tattoo and blend it smoothly. Its blends smoothly and has a high coverage time as it holds on the skin very well. It comes in various other shades to match the best of your shade.


  • This tattoo cover-up foundation is light on the skin but offers great coverage.
  • It is easy to apply and has a smooth finish.
  • This product stands for a very long time offering your great coverage too.


  • The product itself is good for the tattoos and skin discoloration but it can stain your clothes if you by mistake dropped it on your clothes.
  • If you apply more quantity product and do not blend well, it can look cakey and like you have applied something different.

6. Tatjacket Eclipse Temporary Tattoo Covers:

Tatjacket Eclipse Temporary Tattoo Covers are the handy and easy way to cover your tattoos. It can cover the tattoos from anywhere on your body temporarily and it is also beneficial for hiding blemishes, skin discoloration and even birth marks. The good thing about them is that they are in flesh color which covers the tattoo as in real skin. It is a great option to hide your tattoo temporarily for 2-3days in one go. These tattoo covers work very clean with the tattoos and do not rub or smudge off easily. There is no drying time required for these and they come in sheet form. It is like a tattoo which can be cut out of the sheet in desired shape and area and applied on with just tap water and it does the job perfectly. They are available in 6 different color shades to get the closest shade for your skin.


  • This product stays on for 2-3 days in one application, so you don’t have to reapply it again and again.
  • It can be easily applied with just tap water.
  • It is waterproof so one does have to worry about the coverage getting ruined.
  • The ingredients in this product are FDA approved.


  • The product is not a cream but a tattoo of skin shade that covers the inked tattoo. So if one doesn’t find the shade closer to their skin, it looks like a patch on their body part.

7. Tattoo Cover Up Concealer Makeup:

Tattoo Cover Up Concealer Makeup is a god coverage product to hind in your tattoo for a good time. The coverage for this product is amazing and it is a palette consisting of 5 different shades of product so you can easily mix and match the tattoo cover-up concealer cream to your skin shade and cover your tattoo like it never existed before. It is also water proof which makes it even more durable in a daytime as the water does not ruin its coverage. It helps in covering the tattoo along with scars, birthmarks, bruises, veins and much more in skin discoloration. The application for this tattoo cover-up concealer cream is also very easy. All you have to do is apply the tattoo cover-up concealer cream on the area with patting motion or one can even use a damp make up sponge for a smoother finish.

  • This product offers an opaque coverage that makes sure your tattoo hides like it does not exist.
  • It is a waterproof product so it is more durable.
  • It comes in a palette of 5 skin matching shades so one can easily mix and match if their shade is not premade in the palette.


  • The product does offer good coverage but for a darker tattoo, this tattoo cover-up concealer cream has to be layered on with a lighter shade than skin first and then setting it with powder layering the skin matching shade on it which sometimes makes the area patchy or cakey if not applied properly.

8. Killer Cover Full Coverage Concealer Makeup:

Killer Cover Full Coverage Concealer Makeup is a tattoo cover-up concealer cream that offers very good coverage for your tattoos. It is a waterproof product and comes in a 5 color palette to make sure you are able to mix and match the concealer’s shade to your skin shade perfectly. It is a great product not only for tattoos but also for birthmarks, scars, age spots, vitiligo and even bruises. It is a great cover-up concealer that is also used by many makeup artists and skin care professionals because of its coverage on the skin. This product also comes with its own spatula that makes the application of the product easier. You just have to take the product and tap it on the area of skin that needs coverage.


  • This product offers excellent coverage for the tattoo and other skin discoloration issues.
  • It is a waterproof product so it is more durable.
  • This tattoo cover-up concealer cream comes in a palette of 5 different skin matching shades to get you the closest shade possible.


  • The product although offers excellent coverage needs to be warmed before application since it is very thick in consistency and texture. So you have to swirl it with your fingertip to warm the product and then apply otherwise the coverage is disturbed for the product.

9. Dermacol Make-Up Cover Foundation:

Dermacol Make-up Cover Foundation is the high coverage concealer foundation that covers the tattoo and skin discolorations so well like they did not exist before. It is good in covering the tattoos for a long time and offers a smooth finish like the skin. This tattoo cover up concealer cream is waterproof and skin friendly. The application of this product is also very easy like you just take the very little amount and apply it to the affected skin and then gently pat it on the skin area.


  • The coverage of this product is amazing.
  • The product is waterproof, hypoallergenic and even preservative free.
  • This tattoo cover-up concealer cream comes in tube packing that helps in getting a small amount of product that is actually used rather. So the packaging is good for controlling the product flow.
  • It is also a very travel-friendly packaged product.


  • The product has a very thick texture and needs to be applied perfectly otherwise it becomes patchy and cakey on the skin.


So the tattoo cover-up creams are a better option to cover your tattoo for some occasion and then enjoying your tattoo for the rest of the tie. They remove the hassle of surgery or laser treatment and offer you more options to hide your tattoo. The tattoo cover-up creams or concealers are also cheap and they do not internally change anything in your skin but just adding a skin colored layer over the tattoo or skin discoloration to hide it well.

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