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As we have said time and again, we are a platform that will help you in realizing your dreams. Therefore, if you choose to write for us, you would be making a sensible decision towards boosting your writing career. However, we believe that Writers’ Radar is suited only for the best amongst the best and therefore, every writer must follow the guidelines laid down by us.

Writers Radar Categories Include:

  • Beauty
  • Fashion
  • Health
  • Products
  • Reviews
  • and Others

Before We Outline the Guidelines, Here’s an Important Note

Furthermore, please do check out the genres and niches that we host. If you pitch us ideas that have, in no way, relation to these niches, we will not be responding to such emails. Therefore, kindly do not spam us asking about the status for the same. We will follow-up with those writers in whom we see the potential to work with.

Please note:

We are getting lots of irrelevant mails that make it clear the writer has not read our Guidelines and Rules. If you send an unsuitable mail or question that certainly proves you have not read our guidelines, you may not get a reply. We do not have time to reply to people who don’t read our guidelines properly.

Most Essential Guidelines

Content Quality:  All the content that is submitted to us is scrutinised by the experts, who will hold your content against strict quality standards. The content should be comprehensible and of high quality. Only those writers, who can produce top notch content, would be eligible to be associated with Writers’ Radar.

Plagiarism: The content should be 100% original. We have strict policies that do not allow any scope for plagiarism. While we encourage citations of data, it is strictly to be done only in research-centric articles. Any content that may lead to copyright infringement would not be entertained. We have all the tools to test the originality of the content.

Research: Please conduct a thorough research before you begin writing on the assigned topic. We shall not be entertaining articles that are poorly structured. If you are looking for advertising opportunities, please check out our ‘Advertise With Us’ section.

Grammatical Errors Free: Good quality includes proper grammar, intelligible content, and relevance to the topic that has been assigned to the writer.

Word Count: We do not accept any content which is less than <800> words. Therefore, do not send us articles that are vague and short. However, if you are pitching ideas to us, the abstract must be <1000> words (ideally more) long for the proposal to be accepted.

Formatting: All the submissions should be made in Word file. The articles should be well formatted and should carry a main heading followed by the prescribed subheadings.

Pay: We do not pay our writers any money for the submissions that are made on Writers’ Radar. However, considering that we have a large number of visitors making an appearance on the website, you may enjoy a vast amount of exposure that could open up avenues for future business relations. We also actively publish and promote articles over various social media websites. Writers should not expect any kind of monetary reimbursement through Writers’ Radar.

Publishing Time: We have many writers clamoring for our attention. It may so happen that publishing the article may take longer than our estimate. Hence, if we have contacted you and confirmed that your article will be featured on our website, please give us some time to make the article live for our readers. Your article may be published in mere minutes of may be delayed by weeks, we only request you to practice a modicum amount of patience.

Refusal: We are authorised to refuse the write-ups which do not qualify being grammatically correct or do not match to want we want.

Post Removal: We have the rights to refuse or delete the post written by guest writer and we are not entitled to give any prior information to the guest writer for the same.

Sponsored/Advertisement: if you are looking for a sponsored post opportunity, please mail us at writersradar@gmail.com with Subject name “Sponsored and Advertisement”

Link Policy: Adding one link to your own blog will be allowed, in the case, it stands relevant to the content posted. Though, the main aim of the writer must be on serving your reader. Excessive attachments of links or the links that will be spam related would be removed immediately. We charge certain fees for commercial product links or commercial site links. 

Note: You will get one Dofollow link in the body of your article. But, the link should be relevant as irrelevant links will be removed immediately. We are authorized to change the anchor text of links according to our blog policy.

Editing: We have all the rights to correct, edit, and make changes in the article if any mistake will be found in the submitted article.

What Strictly Needs to be Avoided

  • Articles similar to the ones already present on Writers’ Radar will not be entertained. We do not wish to build an entire website out of same kind of content.
  • Whatever content that is posted and published over “Writers’ Radar” becomes the intellectual property that belongs to us. By submitting your works to us, you forfeit any right over the content and cannot republish it on other portals either. However, you may share the links of our websites to promote your personal content.

We do not accept articles from:

  • Online Marketing Firms
  • Staff writers or freelancers representing other businesses.
  • Commercial websites that are not providing services for professional writers
  • Content Farms
  • Individuals Wanting to include affiliate links to build incoming link for other companies.

For Commercial Links and Advertising Options, check this

How to Submit your Post

  • First Send your Topic or Title to writersradars@gmail.com We will get back to you if your topic is interesting and relevant.
  • You may share a brief bio and an author image that you wish to be associated with your author account. The content that you post on Writers’ Radar will be given all the due credits. Your author bio may also include your contact details and links to your social media handles.
  • Feel free to contact us with a pitch. You may even drop us an email on Writersradar@gmail.com to connect with us if you wish to resolve any doubt or query. Even better, give us a brief introduction of yourself, the quirkier, the better! If we accept your article or your proposal, our team will contact you with the request for your headshot and your author bio.

We hope that you thoroughly read through these instructions and abide by them while making your submissions to Writers’ Radar.

May the best articles or pitches make it to this website! All the Best!

Until then, keep writing.

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